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Our Yorkshire hero- Terry, is enjoying life in God’s own country until he makes a shocking discovery. His quaint Yorkshire village has been invaded by...THE SOUTHERNERS. With the power of his Yorkshire rose, can Terry uncover the identities of all the undercover southerners its too late?


Terry the local detective arrives to his favorite pub only to learn that some of the good people in this fine county have been taken over by southerners, however you don't know who. Its now up to terry to investigate the locals and find the imposter among them and the only way is to deduce who is pretending to be from Yorkshire. Interact with different NPC’s and question them, try to work who is and isn’t from Yorkshire from the way they speak.


controls - WASD to move 

Spacebar - interact with NPC's (make sure you get close to them)


Invasion of the southerns (2).zip 15 MB
final build.zip 17 MB

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